Now Enough About Me, How About More About Me?


Many gossip columns, including this one, employ the use of its own name from time to time. FishbowlDC hears…, a FishbowlDC spy told us…, and so forth. It’s an odd but widely accepted humanizing of a column. But there’s a line that needn’t be crossed. When you notice too many self-mentions, you might just want to drown us in our own Fishbowl. Note to self: Keep mentions light and scarce and use only when necessary.

Roll Call‘s HOH went a little overboard on the self-mentions Monday when it used six HOH’s in its column. Most were reasonable – “An HOH spy saw…” But a few could have been omitted. (i.e. “HOH is weak at the knees about…” and “HOH continues to swoon.”

In the following column from Aug. 2, HOH has seven references to itself.

> Update Yahoo! News’s Michael Calderone (who is featured on this topic after the jump), had this to say about his usage of “The Upshot” in his prose: “Sure, I may have used “upshot” a few too many times in that post for some. But the reason for doing so wasn’t to show how special I am. I was trying to differentiate between what Howard Kurtz, Ben Smith, and Marc Ambinder wrote on their blogs/twitter about Ken Mehlman and what each of them told me individually.”

HOH scribes aren’t the only offenders…

It’s not necessarily habitual for Yahoo! News’s Michael Calderone, but in the following item in “The Upshot,” we hear about “The Upshot” four times when one or two would have been sufficient.

“…told The Upshot…”
“…in an email to The Upshot…”
“…in an email to The Upshot…
“…told The Upshot…”