Now Alarm Clock offers alarms, weather, stocks and more in one iOS app

Image via Red Hot Apps

Red Hot Apps has announced a new release of its Now Alarm Clock application on iPhone and iPad, bringing a variety of tools to the experience that ultimately make it much more than just an alarm clock.

Now Alarm Clock allows users to schedule both alarm and sleep timers with five custom sounds and the ability to personalize an iTunes playlist that will play as they fall asleep or wake up. In addition to the alarm and sleep features, the app looks to offer a “comprehensive snapshot of your life” at any moment throughout the day or night.

The app displays the current date, time and weather (after 8PM, it displays tomorrow’s weather forecast), along with the next three events in a user’s calendar (with support for turning off all-day events that might clutter this window). Users can tap on these events for more information from their calendar, and a major market stock ticker runs along the bottom of the app.

Now Alarm Clock supports flashlight mode with just a shake of the iOS device, eight different themes to personalize the application, support for multiple languages and a night mode that offers adjusting screen brightness as users utilize the application to fall asleep.

Now Alarm Clock isn’t the first all-in-one iOS alarm clock, as applications like Alarm and Digital Clock (our review) and Sleep Time! have previously combined location-based weather tracking, brightness settings and more with an alarm clock. Still, Now Alarm Clock offers another alarm clock option for those looking for one.

Now Alarm Clock is available as a universal iOS download for $0.99. You can follow the app’s progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.