Novice Tweeter Masters FAME Game

Not even a week after I initially wrote about Twitter’s FAME game, I won. It was a lot of fun (for me, not necessarily for my followers!) and I learned a few things that day. The experience was really rounded out though by watching the next two winners that followed me. Who knew that a nineteen-year-old science student from Ennis, Ireland with less than 100 followers and even fewer tweets to her handle would intuitively ‘get’ the key to making the most of FAME?

As summarized in an earlier post, “Twitter FAME” is granted to one lucky winner each day (you need to be entered to win). When Fame picks a winner each day at noon (EST) every Twitter account linked to (and thereby playing) Fame automatically follows the winner. The winner’s “fame” lasts for only one day and then everyone automatically unfollows you. But if you make those 24-hours fantastic, you just might entice some of them to stick around. And the way Laura Orpen handled her FAME provides a good example of THAT.

What she did wasn’t rocket science, but it was chock-full of common sense and worth sharing as it won’t only benefit future FAME winners, but Tweeple as a whole.

Be kind. Laura was super-kind to everyone. Her tweets made people smile. Some winners kicked off their day by trashing previous winners (bad form). Like moms everywhere tell us, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t post it for the world to see on Twitter! And particularly not on a day when you know a ton of folks are watching.

Be consistent. I blew this one. Completely. I post about social media, writing and bunch of inconsistently random interests, but on my Twitter FAME day I decided to become a comedian and sent out goofy one-liners all day. And night. Granted, I think I’m hilarious and some of my new followers did too, but it was off-putting to my regular folks. One even sent me a DM asking if I’d been drinking. Whoops. Laura nailed this one as well, of course, and just posted as herself. I really wish she had won before me instead of after me.

Ignore haters. This one can be hard, particularly when you’re being attacked – but it’s sound advice. Laura didn’t get many haters (who could hate her?) and she laughed off the creepy messages she did receive, but I had a few “grumpy crazies” as I called them and they were m-e-a-n. One called me “insipid” and another lamented that I was so boring and wondered why these “FAME whores” kept getting worse. Ouch. A previous winner (and funny guy),  @JohnTheBastard summed up what I was experiencing. I guess “don’t try to be funny if you’re female” could be another item for this list?


How to “use” your fame. This one is key. Laura said, “A lot of people were telling me that I should be taking advantage of my new found “fame” by making money from it but it wasn’t my thing really. Instead, I spoke to other tweeters and also got bloggers to send me their blog url’s and promoted them as a way of helping them out.” She helped people out? Of course she did, the girl is fantastic – didn’t I tell you?

Planning ahead isn’t necessary. Just jump in and participate. Laura didn’t even realize she had won initially and although it had to be disconcerting, she immediately fell into a natural conversational tone with her new followers. “I liked that I got to talk to so many people from all over the world and it really showed me how many opportunities are available on twitter. If anyone wants to get in touch then definitely do, I hadn’t really understood twitter til now so it’s a cool way of getting to know people,” she told us. Cool, indeed.