Novels Written on Cell Phones Popular in Japan But Hasn’t Caught on in the U.S.

Can you imagine writing an entire novel on a cellphone keyboard? I wrote a chunk of an O’Reilly Shortcuts book on using an old Handheld PC and HTC TyTn. But, that was more out of necessity (I was on the move a lot) and not something I would recommend doing for book writing. But, there are, apparently, more than a few people in Japan and China willing to write entire books on cell phones. And, some of them have become published authors…

From Novels written using cellphones

The article reports that 4 of the top 10 novels in Japan for the past 3 years have been writton cellphones.

Novel writing on cellphones hasn’t caught on here in the U.S. from what I can see. Apple spotlighted cell phone writing site named Quillpill back in the summer of 2008…


…in their iPhone web apps area. However, Quillpill’s website seems to have disappeared. And, its Twitter account has been silent since its last post on November 13, 2008.