Novel Based On Facebook: 'With Just One Click…'

Facebook is the inspiration for With Just One Click...

Facebook has already been the inspiration for a nonfiction book, The Facebook Effect from David Kirkpatrick, and a major motion picture, The Social Network. But since neither of them is completely factual, it’s probably better for books on this topic to stick to fiction.

Author Amanda Strong did just that with her new book With Just One Click…

From a press release introducing the book:

Do you know a digital drama queen? You know the type: They just have to post their every move and activity on Facebook or Twitter, and if their actions hurt someone else, oh well, after all, it’s all about them!

For many, Facebook is the social media outlet you hate to love! You swear you’re going to cut back or delete your account, but it keeps drawing you in for more. In the new book by Amanda Strong, With Just One Click…, she follows the lives of three women and how their lives are changed forever after they are drawn into the cyber world of Facebook.

Based on real-life events, Strong delves into the controversial world of cyber-relationships and shows that it’s all about the “ex.” Chloe Brennan receives a friend request from an ex she hasn’t seen for 17 years. Morgan and E.J. Davis have a solid marriage, but jealousy creeps in when E.J. is “friended” by his sexy ex. Brynn Haggerty is an unhappy wife and mother until she begins to find the time and attention she’s been missing through an online relationship with her ex.

Strong chimed in, “Just remember: The ability to contact friends — and exess — with just one click opens up a world of endless opportunities to change your life for better, or worse.”

Readers: Will you check out With Just One Click… ?