Novak Says Waas Is A Liar

You know about all that great press Murray Waas has received for his scoops on the Libby case? Bob Novak says it’s all bunch of lies.

From “Hannity & Colmes”:

COLMES: Welcome back to “Hannity & Colmes.” We now continue our FOX News exclusive interview with syndicated columnist and FOX News contributor Robert Novak.

Bob, it’s been reported that Karl Rove testified to the grand jury that, during his telephone call with you on September 29th, which was three days after it was known that the CIA asked Justice to investigate, that you said words to the effect to Rove, “You’re not going to get burned.”

Is that accurate? And can you give us context on that, if that was actually said?

NOVAK: That was not said; that’s a total lie. It was reported by one reporter in one not-very-widely-read publication. It was not picked up in the general press.

And the idea that there was any such under-the-table arrangement between me and Rove, of course, would have created a lot of trouble with the special prosecutor. And there was never any action taken by him on that score.

COLMES: So you’re saying “Newsday” was wrong in this report, and Murray Waas, “National Journal,” was wrong…

NOVAK: Absolutely.

COLMES: … and these people have purposefully misrepresented you?

NOVAK: I never give motives, but I know that the Murray Waas piece in the “National Journal,” which interestingly was not picked up by anybody, was totally wrong and a total lie.