Novak feels the heat, stomps out of the kitchen

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Robert Novak is cracking, possibly up. Yesterday on CNN (which you by now all know but damned if I’m not gonna post on it), during the penultimate “Inside Politics” Strategy Session, Novak responded to James Carville with the word “bullshit,” sat motionless for a beat and then stood up and walked off the set. Carville and host Ed Henry barely missed a beat and continued with their discussion over Novak’s empty chair. CNN caught it all, and since then, so has the entire internet blogosphere,, plus a very giddy Jon Stewart.

Now, Novak has tussled on-air with Carville and others plenty, and yesterday they were discussing Katherine Harris’ game face – not exactly fightin’ words. Clearly, this was just an itty-bitty straw on a camel that’s feeling a whole lotta weight. Ed Henry says that he had warned Novak that Plame would come up, and said that he was planning on asking Novak about it at the end of the show (way to dodge that bullet, hmmm?). Per FishbowlDC:

According to people familiar with the events, Henry had warned Novak in advance that he would ask about Plame and related materials were on the table in front of Henry on-set–leading some to wonder whether Novak had been eyeing them through his segment and getting more agitated as he realized what was in store. The exact nature/subject of the questions Henry intended to ask are unknown.

CNN was not happy, and has “asked Mr. Novak to take some time off,” saying that Novak’s behavior was “inexcusable and unacceptable.” Not inexcusable and unacceptable: posting the video on the CNN website. Watch free!

Novak, meanwhile, said that he “just got a little frustrated.” No kidding.