Notifyr sends your iOS mobile alerts straight to your desktop


Mobile alerts can come to your static desktop if you use Notifyr – a new app that connects your mobile iOS device to your Mac products. This is a great app for the office or if you just want to keep your attention only on one screen while still accessing alerts and notifications from both.

Notifyr shows all of your incoming notifications from your iPhone on your Mac:

With Notifyr, you’ll never miss a notification again: you can keep your phone in your pocket and still know what’s going on. You can read your incoming WhatsApp messages, see who’s following you on Instagram or read any of the other kind of notifications from any app on your iPhone. It’s also possible to mute notifications from any app you like.

Once paired, you’ll never need to open the app on your phone again. When the connection gets lost, Notifyr will automatically reconnect to your phone once it becomes available again.

Because Notifyr uses Bluetooth Low Energy, you can keep using Notifyr all day without it draining your battery.

Notifyr was developed by Joost van Dirjk who is only 17 years old. He got his first iPhone at the age of 12 and has been developing his own apps since Apple released its SDK. Notifyr has taken him the good bit of half a year and he’s selling the app for $3.99 – a fairly high price for an app with an average rating of 3 out of 5 stars, most likely from its inability to consistently connect mobile to desktop.

Further, the app uses Bluethooth low energy, but is not consistent for all users as some have also posted poor reviews on the app for draining all of the battery while others have had great energy usage. It’s most likely that iOS 5s will perform much better than 4s. If you’re using this app on your desktop or laptop, it’s probably a good time to charge your battery as well. Before purchasing Notifyr, be sure you have iOS 4s or above. The app comes with a companion OS X app for your second OS machine that you will have to install in order to connect the two devices.