Notify.Me is an Alerting Service, Not an RSS Feed Reader

From the recently opened .ME Registry comes a very cleverly named online service which lets you receive near real-time alerts when your favorite web sites are updated. Even sweeter is the fact that you can specify in which variety of ways you want to receive the alerts – that is on your mobile device, IM, desktop application, email and of course web browser. The service? Of course the aptly named

Even the .ME registry’s executive director, Predrag Lesic was pleased about the launched of According to Lesic:

“We are pleased to see sites like Notify.Me develop so soon after the opening of public registration for dot-ME domains, This site truly embodies the value proposition of dot-ME domains, which are all about YOU!” delivers notifications that interest you, and it eliminates the need for you to check on various sites you visit often or on a regular basis. Be it a classified listings, social networking sites, or blogs like Rotorblog.

Developed in early this year, already some members have already compiled a list of nifty ways by which can be used. And it includes the following:

  • Craigslist – Be the first to respond to hard to find listings
  • Facebook – Find out immediately when something happens on your profile page
  • LinkedIn – Stay up to date with your professional network
  • Twitter – Get all your twitter updates in
  • Twitter Search – Find out when someone talks about something you care about
  • Google News – Stay up to date on the latest news you care about
  • StackOverflow – Quickly respond to programming-related questions to gain reputation points
  • Woot – Find great deals during the legendary Woot-Off

It might no be a lot as of this time, in time, we’re pretty sure this list would grow in the number of sites it supports.

Although notification/alerting service is nothing new and can not boast of being the first to offer the service, what it can claim for is the fact that it could probably be the first .me domain registrant who was able to come up with a better use of its domain name.

Will give it a try and see how it fares with other email alerting services offered by Google News and others. If you have used and want to share your experience, feel free to tell about it by leaving a comment.