Notifications Are the New Spam

According to my notifications, one of my friends took the “favorite sexual positions” quiz on Saturday. Honestly, I have no desire to “see how similar” I am in responding to their quiz. I have been speaking with a number of people recently who continue to get inundated with notifications from applications. There are only a couple applications that are currently bombarding me with new notifications and I have to build filters in my inbox to avoid them.

Previously aggressive application developers were using misleading application requests and invites to gain new users. Slowly those applications had their spam levels turned down by new Facebook policies. Look for new protections against notification spam to be created by Facebook. I have no desire to know that my friends took a quiz on Likeness nor do I have any desire to view “HOTorNOT Hotties of the Day.”

Facebook is going to have to continue protecting their users against these spammy notifications otherwise they are going to face a backlash from those users that are being bombarded daily. While most users have become immune to these notifications, having notifications sent to my inbox that I have no desire to receive is unacceptable. It’s time for Facebook to turn up the heat against the remaining spam offenders.