Nothing Moments Project Opens This Weekend in LA


Jon Sueda writes us about an interesting collaborative project he helped coordinate in LA with artists Steven Hull and Tami Demaree and writer Annie Buckley. “Nothing Moments” takes the stories of 24 writers who passed their stories to 24 illustrators, then illustrators passed the illustrated story to 24 designers, who incorporated the stories and over 400 drawings into 24 limited-edition books. We’ve included the list of writers and artists below (mighty impressive). The designers are supposedly a group of young up-and-comers but it looks to us like the same old members of the CalArts Mafia we know and love.

Fitting with the theme, an all-afternoon progressive party hits two locations: Art Catalogues at MOCA/PDC for the book launch (3-5pm) and the Steven Turner Contemporary gallery for the art (6-9pm). Man, those are going to be some wasted authors, illustrators and designers.

Full Listing of Participants:

Edgar Arceneaux
Kelly Barrie
Jesse Benson
Joseph Biel
Ion Birch
Derek Boshier
Andrea Bowers
Kristin Calabrese
Matt Chambers
Tami Demaree
Harry Dodge
Sean Dower
Tim Ebner
Charles Gaines
Tanya Haden
Isabell Heimerdinger
Steven Hull
Phung Huynh
Glenn Ligon
Jonathan Monk
John Monn
Beatriz Montevaro
Kaz Oshiro
Hiroki Otsuka
Renee Petropoulos
Jerry Phillips
Gail Pickering
Yuval Pudik
James Pyman
Colin Roberts
Marcos Rosales
Matt Saunders
Thaddeus Strode
Gail Swanlund
Henry Taylor
Dani Tull
Marnie Weber

Aimee Bender
Varina Bleil
Annie Buckley
Sean Dungan
Ben Ehrenreich
Amy Gerstler
Riley Harvill
Marsha Hopkins
Vincent Johnson
Stanya Kahn
Mark Kamine
Jim Krusoe
Rachel Kushner
Thomas Lawson
Simon Leung
Wayne Lindberg
Stewart Lindh
Douglas A. Martin
Marisol Limon Martinez
Tom McCarthy
Jacob Melchi
Claudia Milian
Lee Montgomery
Rheana Rafferty
Nelly Reifler
Pamela A. Russell
Jamie Schwartz
Matt Sharpe
Kevin P. Smith
Christopher Sorrentino
Georgina Starr
Lynne Tillman
James Wagner
Benjamin Weissman
Tony White
Millie Wilson
Mary Woronov
Mary Younakof

Gregory Ambos
Emily C.M. Anderson
Bob Aufuldish
Caryn Aono
Kyle Blue
Alex De Armond
Roy Brooks
Emmet Byrne
Linda Byrne
Sean Donahue
Joe Ewart
Katie Hanburger
Geoff Kaplan
Yasmin Khan
Zak Kyes
Willem Henri Lucas
James W. Moore
Gretchen Nash
Penny Pehl
Scott Ponik
Brian Roettinger
Brian Scott
Stuart Smith
Jon Sueda
Michael Thompson
Gail Swanlund
Martin Venezky
Michael Worthington
Scott Zukowski