Don’t Post Photos of a Huge Stack of Money on Facebook

An Australian girl got a graphic lesson in what not to do online late last week.

The girl was helping her grandmother count her life savings. The grandmother clearly had never trusted banks, because she’d built up an enormous sum of cash.  While the girl was counting it, she thought it would be cool to post a Facebook update with a photo showing the money. You can probably guess what happened next.

Later that day two armed robbers broke into the home belonging to the parents of the girl and demanded the money. Naturally it wasn’t there, and in fact the girl didn’t even live there anymore. The thieves terrorized the girl’s parents, ransacked the house, and made odd with what little money and valuables they could find.

Yeah. In case there’s someone who didn’t already know, the information you post online can be seen by all, including potential thieves. Don’t post pictures of stuff unless you want to draw attention.

(Story via; image by Masked-Bob)