Note to Motorola Re: Xoom Prices-If You Have to Defend Pricing, It is Probably Too High

Business Insider says that the $800 price for a Motorola Xoom 3G model is official and correct.

OFFICIAL: Motorola’s Xoom Tablet Will Cost $600 For WiFi, $800 For 3G

It also notes that the WiFi-only Xoom will be a somewhat more affordable $600. Despite the Xoom’s hardware advantages over the WiFi-only iPad, it will still get compared to the low-end (16GB) iPad’s $500 starting price. It will also have to compete with the iPad’s rich and huge app library. So, while the Xoom’s value many justify its price, there is a different equation running through the heads of consumers.

Then, there’s this item in the Wall Street Journal.

Motorola Executive Defends Tablet Price Tag

Motorola’s Sanjay Jha apparently took on the task to defend the Xoom’s pricing at this weeks Mobile World Congress. But, here’s the thing that comes to my admitedly average consumer mind: If you have to defend your price, it is too high.