AllTwitterLister: 6 Notable Twitter Lists Worth Subscribing To

Twitter lists are one of the most powerful features of Twitter, enabling users to slice and dice the thousands of people they follow into digestible mini-directories.

You can create your own lists – either public or private – or capitalize on other tweeps’ listwork and follow a list they’ve made. Twitter lists are under-utilized in general, but specifically so in terms of finding and following others’ well-curated lists that could save you time in your Twitter reading and help you form new contacts and leads.

So we’ve launched a new AllTwitter post series called AllTwitterLister, highlighting notable Twitter lists that are worth your click of the “subscribe” button.

Six notable Twitter lists worth subscribing to this week:

Breaking News: 44 members, 2,016 subscribers. An easy way to stay on top of up-to-the-minute news is by subscribing to this list, comprised of most of the big Twitter news accounts, including Reuters, BostonUpdate, TheEconomist, GuardianNews, NYTimes, WashingtonPost, CNNBrk, WSJ, Time and more.

Onion Editorial staff: Looking for a laugh? Follow the Onion’s editorial staff for your daily dose of 140-character humor. 6 members, 720 subscribers.

Social Media Editors: Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia University’s first Chief Digital Officer and Columbia Journalism School professor, has assembled a strong list of social media strategists and editors at media outlets. Worth a collective follow. 192 members, 1,648 subscribers.

Pete Cashmore’s Twitter Stars: Mashable founder Pete Cashmore has A Twitter list of Twitter all-stars, people who, in his words, “clearly understand and take advantage of the power of Twitter.” 28 members, 3,495 subscribers.

World Leaders: The world leaders list is built by Twitter’s verified accounts. Whenever the President, Prime Minister or Monarch of a country verifies an account to be a world leader, they get added to this list. Interesting way to keep up with global affairs. 66 members, 15,922 subscribers.

Technorati Top 100: This list of the Twitter accounts of all the top 100 blogs on Technorati (minus a few which don’t have Twitter accounts) lets you keep up with the Internet’s top blogs in one go. 90 members, 573 subscribers.

Add your own favorite Twitter list finds in the comments.

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