Not Your Mama’s Crochet

We want to thank Kathy Kelly over at Arcadia Knitting for this tip. Ace crocheter Beth Doherty‘s work will be featured on the cover of the brand-new Craft Magazine in the fall. But Beth isn’t your typical crocheter, working up granny squares and stitching chemo caps. She makes amigurumi, crocheted dolls with crappy yarn that you find at Walmart, Michael’s and even the thrift stores. (Amiguri is derived from two Japanese words, amu to knit, and nuigurumi, doll). While amurigumi is quite trendy, we think Doherty’s dolls are very, very different. The faces are unusually expressive. After Doherty’s book on amurigumi is published, we predict her dolls (it’s almost unfair to call them that, since they’re so unusual) will not only be snatched up at high-end art-galleries, but they’re going to be featured in children’s books, calendars, and department storefront windows. The woman is going to become a brand unlike any other!

Couple more things about the new issue of Craft Magazine. If you’ve ever want to make an LED shirt, you can find the instructions here. Ditto on knitting with wire to make chainmail. Good to know when you want to make an outfit that’s the talk of the party…