Not Very Wise to Insult a 100 Year Old Beloved Institution

We don’t cross over into that world of drawing-by-hand or cell animation all that much, simply because, well, there isn’t really any reason for it. Maybe it’s because we don’t tend to regularly see much heat brewing from people whose jobs require them to sit for hours on end and move their wrists about (unlike, say a designer for the web who also just moves their wrists here and there, but occasionally also has to type a thing or two). But no longer is that the case, as we picked up on the firestorm that is the reaction to a review of that new film Monster House in which the writer, one Mike LaSalle, said that this new motion capture animation was the new way to go, that traditional animation had long been searching for a perfect replacement. Well, as you’d expect, the responses were hot and heavy against LaSalle. One is below, and here’s a couple of other sites to go to after that.

…the writer makes a mockery of 100 years of often beautiful, heartbreaking, breathtaking, real acting achievement in animated films. It’s one thing to write about a “new” technique in film as the flavor of the month served up in a holy grail–it’s another to backtrack and demean the plain fact of past successes as somehow terribly lacking, which is what this reviewer thinks of, well, basically all Disney animation output from 1937 until “Monster House” with its supposedly improved presentation of animated facial performances.