Not Sure What To Tweet? Just Ask Yourself “Am I Being Helpful?”

Whether you’re a total Twitter newbie or you’re a long-time user suffering from some serious Twitter writer’s block, it can be difficult to judge whether something is tweet-worthy or not.

But if you just ask yourself this one, simple question before you hit “Tweet”, you’ll quickly find your Twitter voice.

“Am I being helpful?”

That’s the golden question.

If you’re ever unsure whether that article you just read should be shared on Twitter, or if you should tweet about your latest big adventure, asking this question will give you your yes or no answer.

You can also change this question to “Am I offering something of value to my followers?” for similar results.

Go ahead and try it. Right now. Go to Twitter and brainstorm something to tweet, making sure it is helpful or valuable to your followers. Then tweet it.

My guess is, you’ll get some pretty great responses.

Whether it’s information you’re sharing, insight into your industry, a quick productivity tip, or even just an update about your day, asking yourself whether you’re helping your followers will guide you when you come to the “to tweet or not to tweet” roadblock.

Now, you don’t always have to be helpful with every tweet you send out. Some tweets are just funny for funny’s sake, or interesting without being helpful. However, it is a good exercise to train your brain to gravitate towards more helpful, value-filled content, as this is what your followers will likely engage with most.

Twitter is a community, and by helping your followers – even if you only have a dozen of them – you’ll be strengthening that community and putting yourself forward as an integral part of it.

Think about it from the other side of the coin: what accounts do you like to follow? Aside from celebrities and larger-than-life figures (who seem to have rules of their own on Twitter), I bet it’s largely accounts that give you something of value. Maybe they tweet interesting news articles, offer tips for using Twitter more effectively, or engage you in great conversation. Whatever their method, it’s these helpful account that are usually the most successful on Twitter.

And before you moan and say “oh, but I have nothing helpful to share,” let me stop you. Because you do. You have insight, an area of expertise, and your own perspective. These are valuable tools, and can make for some pretty great tweets.

By helping others on Twitter, you will also help yourself. You’ll see followers trickle in, and then possibly begin to flood, as your valuable tweets are retweeted and word spreads about how helpful your are.

So next time you’re at that crossroads of whether or not to tweet something, ask yourself if it is helpful and you’ll have your answer.

(Image: Marish via Shutterstock)