NOT SPAM: Dad Posts Murder Plan On Facebook

An U.K. man posted a status update saying he was going to murder his daughter, a week before her third birthday. Then he did.

It sounds like something you’d see in a rogue application’s teaser: A U.K. father posted a status update saying he was going to murder his child before actually going out and doing the dreadful deed.

Unfortunately, this one isn’t fake. It really happened.

Ramazan Acar appears in a U.K. court on May 18 for murdering his daughter Yazmina.

He already confessed to the stabbing in a series of posts, texts and phone calls, before ultimately ‘fessing up to the cops.

At 7:23 pm one evening this past November, Ramazan Acar posted the status update “Bout 2 kill ma kid.”

He then stabbed the child with a knife.

About 11 minutes after the stabbing, Acar changed his status update to “Pay bk u slut.”

Ever since picking his daughter up at the mother’s home, he made a series of calls and sent text messages to her saying she wouldn’t see her child again.

The back-and-forth between the two got rather involved, but the important point is that D’Argent had made it to the nearest police station in time for Acar’s first confession, which came over the phone at 8:47 pm.

He posted one last Facebook status update about ten minutes before the police arrested him at 11:30 pm: “I lv u mimi.”

The actual death of the child was apparently gruesome and painful because Acar missed her vital organs, so she bled to death.

We bring this up because that’s the sort of thing that would show up in a spamware campaign — and we wish that this whole thing were fiction rather than the gruesome reality that it actually has been.

Now we don’t want to encourage any spammers to create a rogue application based on this either. On the other hand, perhaps this post will alert Facebook to keep a look out for scams riffing on this horrible news.

Readers, what do you think about this tragic tale — what kind of misery must Acar have been feeling in order to post his murder plan as a Facebook status update?