Not Quite the Aerobed

We regularly like to check out Springwise, to find out what the latest trends are worldwide. It’s how we found out about the Make Lounge in London, Ikea’s Nap Hotel (which we’re going to need a little bit later today), and now the Eco Mattress in a box. We’re intrigued with this concept because this particular journalist is shopping for a new mattress. Did you know Keetsa mattresses are built with sustainable components including recycled steel, scrap memory foam bits, bamboo fabrics and unbleached natural cotton? And guess this – odor control and anti-bacterial properties are delivered using EPA-approved technologies based on silver and green tea. Who would have thought this writer’s favorite morning beverage could help her sleep at night? Wow. We especially like the idea that this mattress can be folded in a wheeled box, which means you can get it into an automobile, no more strapping this awkward object on top. Trouble is you have wait a few days for the Eco mattress to resume its horizontal shape when you unpack it. Which means the Aerobed mattress, which can be inflated in minutes, might be still more useful. Sigh.