Not Now, Honey … I Have My iVillage Fantasy Celebrity League Draft

Fantasy baseball, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, fantasy soccer, fantasy golf, fantasy NASCAR … fantasy celebrity?

iVillage announced the launch of The iVillage Fantasy Celebrity League Game, in which players draft teams of celebrities and earn points based on how many times their “players” are mentioned in gossip blogs or entertainment news outlets.

The iVillage Fantasy Celebrity League Game is being powered by Fafarazzi, which created the fantasy celebrity league category in 2006 and has deployed white-label versions to media outlets including VH1, Lifetime, and Fox.

iVillage vice president of audience development Michele Mitchell said:

We’re thrilled to now provide our iVillage community of 30 million-plus women with the ultimate in entertainment gaming at their fingertips. What a great way to serve many of our users who are obsessed with the latest Hollywood fodder and are looking for an indulgent escape through gaming. The iVillage Fantasy Celebrity League is highly addictive and the perfect complement to the iVillage Entertainment channel, combining iVillage’s up-to-the-minute celebrity news for a thoroughly engaging experience.

Fafarazzi founder Todd Galloway added:

Fafarazzi is proud to partner with iVillage, the largest content-driven community for women online. Our games substantially increase site metrics, social sharing, and community loyalty for our partners. Combine that with our simple integration, and you have a compelling solution for new and established online networks and destinations like iVillage.