Not Just Video Resumes, But Video Job Postings, Too

You might not think about entering the check-printing industry when you’re looking for a new job. That might be why Deluxe Corp, one of the largest check printers in the U.S., is turning to unconventional ways of attracting talent.

This is, if it’s not obvious, a recruitment video not for Deluxe Corp but for a specific position at one branch of Deluxe Corp.

The company also has a talent community, is on Twitter (and sounds like a human!), Facebook, LinkedIn and so on.

Lest you think that video job posts are silly (and we do think that this suffers from a number of the same problems video resumes do—to wit, poor lighting, poor sound, and this speaker just isn’t that engaging), TalentHQ says that in the final quarter of 2010, Deluxe got half of its hires from its online talent community.

TalentHQ freely admits that posting jobs via YouTube might not work for everyone. But it seems to be working for Deluxe.