Not It Labs Creating Social Gaming for Mundane Chores

Birmingham has a new start-up, and they’re looking to change the typical chore wheel. Not It Labs’s concept is an app and micro social network that gamifies your chores and tasks. Unlike most online games that offer an escape from the real world – Not It! hopes to bring gaming to real-world dilemmas:

You can band together with groups of friends, family and colleagues to complete tasks in a “gamified” setting. When the breakroom microwave at work needs cleaning, play a game of Not iT to see who gets stuck with the task. Shortly after a task is created, a notification goes out to each group member’s phone to let them know a game is in play. The experience is enhanced with photo sharing, immunity, badges and much more.

Not It Labs is competiting to win Alabama Launchpad competition for $100K in start-up capital. The company is planning a soft launch of an iPhone app early this year.