Not Getting Enough Rejections? Your Goals are Too ‘Safe’

rejectionA headline on Business Insider caught our attention today: “If you’re not getting rejected, your goals aren’t ambitious enough.”

It’s time to dream bigger. Seriously.

Chris Dixon, entrepreneur and partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, actually values rejection. Instead of viewing it as a failure, he flips it upside down. Dixon merely views rejection as a way to emphasize his lofty goals.

At the start of his career, it sounds like he applied to hundreds of positions. Check that, not only did he apply, he got rejected, too whether it was a small startup or big technology company.

Instead of taking it personally, he took all of the rejections as an opportunity to grow a “really thick skin.”

He pointed out in the piece, “I came to realize that employers weren’t really rejecting me as a person or on my potential — they were rejecting a resume.”