Not f–king Likely Will Lauer Pose Question to Obama on BFD Gaffe

Jim Bell, executive producer of “Today”, knows the news cycle moves like lightning. In an interview with FishbowlDC Thursday morning, Bell said the show must assess where the health care story is Monday afternoon when host Matt Lauer visits the White House to interview President Obama.

“It seems like it changes every day and who knows where it will be on Monday afternoon?” remarked Bell. “Sort of prepare to expect the unexpected and hopefully be as fresh and up to date and timely and topical as we can be.”

Asked if Lauer would question Obama about V.P. Joe Biden’s BFD remark, Bell at first sounded doubtful. “I think by Monday we’d be better served focusing our time elsewhere,” he said. “It was a good story; we did a piece on it that focused on some other open mic slip-ups and did something like 800 video streams online.”

But the show must pick and choose. “When you’re faced with an opportunity to get an exclusive, you have to make decisions on how to spend your time,” he stressed. “If I were to guess, that’d be something we’d leave on the cutting room floor. In other words [he deadpanned], there’s no fucking way we’re going to ask that.”

Lauer’s interview will be Obama’s first one-on-one interview since the President signed the historic health care reform package. The interview will tape at the White House on Monday afternoon, and air Tuesday, March 30 on “Today” at 7 a.m.

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“Today” viewers are encouraged to log on to ( to submit questions for the President, which may get asked during Lauer’s interview.