Not Everything Steven Johnson Writes Is Good For You


With glee we gathered up the NY Times Magazine this Sunday because we’d caught wind of an article by Steven Johnson about Spore, the contagious new timekiller designed by Sims creator Will Wright. We saw Spore demoed at e3 back in May where we were psyched to hear that it was based, loosely, on the Eames’ film “Powers of Ten.” But this is what we read yesterday:

To date, books and documentaries have done the best job of making the long zoom meaningful to mass audiences, starting with the Eames Brothers’ proto-long-zoom “Powers of Ten” documentary of the 70’s, which took the viewer from the outer cosmos to the atoms spinning in the hand of a man lying by the lake in Chicago.

Sigh. You’ll have to trust us when we say the online version has been slyly updated to include both the names of Charles Eames and his wife who happened to have a name traditionally bestowed upon a man. We’ll cut him a little slack since the rest of the article is great, but if he’s going to talk about how these famous designers were instrumental in teaching us how to see ourselves, Johnson needs to spend less time on the Playstation and more time here. That sure looks like a chick to us.