Not Even Babies Are Safe From Selfie Apps

There’s yet another selfie app, but this time it’s going for the cutest subject of them all: babies. If you have them, or know where you can access one, download this selfie app, and you can help them join the self-portraiture trend.

The Baby Selfie Android app costs $0.99 for each download, and gets your child’s attention by flashing cute images and graphics – like owls, foxes, etc. Think of it like a digital peek-a-boo photobooth for the crib.

babie selfie

Baby Selfie is peek-a-boo with a camera twist. Capture your baby’s delighted expressions as colorful animals dance onto the screen. Baby Selfie uses custom drawings and fun sounds to grab your baby’s attention and surprise them. We capture your baby’s reaction in a unique, unexpected photos that you’ll love to share.

You’ll need a device with a front facing camera for the best results.


Of course, there are plenty of reasons to keep your babies device-free, but this app is certainly not a sign of the apocalypse, as the Washington Post alleges. On the other hand, NBC News said the app could be worse, which is more likely since we hope that one single app does not actually determine bad parenting.