Not As Many Americans As You Think Own A Tablet Device

New data released from PEW indicates that tablets and e-readers might not be as popular as you think they are.

It’s impossible to watch television these days without seeing an ad for the latest Kindle, iPad, or Samsung device. If the number of those commercials and online chatter were any indication, you would think almost every American owns one. But as it turns out, that’s not the case at all. In fact, according to the latest data released from PEW, roughly 35% of Americans own a tablet device. That’s it. 35%. Not 50%. Not 60%. Not 70%. 35%. You know what that means? 65% of Americans sixteen and older DO NOT own a tablet device.

Think about that one for a moment.

The numbers don’t look as good either for Americans who only own e-readers, and not some other kind of tablet device. That percentage of the population stands at just 24%.

But here’s the interesting part, and the kind of obvious part if you factor in everything we know about the kind of people who own Apple devices. The folks who own e-readers and tablets overwhelmingly have high income. Income that starts at roughly $75,000 and rises from there according to PEW.

That means that unlike Twitter, where over 260 million Americans don’t use it, it might be worth pursuing owners of tablet devices and e-readers if you have a higher margin product to move. Even if they don’t make up a majority of the population.

(Photo Credit: Christian Jensen on Flickr)


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