Norton Mobile Security For Android Beta

If you are concerned about the security of your Android phone and are particularly concerned about what happens if it was lost or stolen with your data, you will be happy to learn about Norton Mobile Security for Android, which was released in beta today. Norton Mobile Security provides remote lock & wipe, which you can use to lock your phone and delete its contents should it be lost or stolen. Other features include anti-malware, call and SMS blocking.

Norton has taken a different approach to remote lock and wipe. Rather than providing access to a web service like Apple has done with MobileMe, you send a text message to your phone with a command and a secret passcode. Norton Mobile Security monitors for text messages that contain the command and code and then locks or wipes the phone. You can also configure Norton Mobile Security so that one of five friends can unlock your phone simply by sending a text message to it.

The beta is free and available now in the Android Market. The beta will expire on December 31, 2010 and while Norton has not provided any details of how much it will charge for the product, there is a Subscription button suggesting that Norton plans on charging a yearly fee to use the product.