Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management Befouls Chicago’s Field Museum

Here’s a quick, fun one from close by here in Chicago. Story goes is that the famous Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern decided to rent out the Field Museum for a formal grad school party. Seems ordinary enough, as museums are regularly rented out for such after hours events. But apparently this is a more rowdy batch of MBAs this year, as the museum and the school’s administrators were appalled by their behavior, ranging from smuggling in additional alcohol to vomiting and “passing out in high traffic areas” to even throwing things at the museum’s most celebrated icon, Sue the T. Rex skeleton (the latter was denied by the museum but directly addressed by the school in a mass e-mail to all its Kellogg students, so you get to pick what you think really happened). In the end, the museum was forced to shut down the bars early and make a desperate attempt at controlling the ensuing chaos. But, to be fair, these MBAs were just trying to stick it to the university’s Dean who closed down their fraternity, chided them for their many semi-nude shenanigans, and is known to be in cahoots with the Field Museum’s monocle wearing director, who also hate their youthful guts. And also, isn’t this exactly what life is like inside of companies who hire MBAs? We’ve been to numerous corporate management and sales force parties, so don’t you dare try and tell us that it isn’t.