Northwestern Mutual Gives Away $1 Million on Facebook

While there has been debate about a million dollar application among developers, Northwestern Mutual has decided to take another approach. Rather than trying to generate $1 million from advertising on their application, the company has launched the Let Your Worries Go Vote application. The application is extremely simple.

It lets users vote on the organization that the company will donate $1 million to. So far the application has attracted a couple hundred users but somehow it has been voted on by over 110,000 individuals. While I’m not sure on where the other votes came from, it’s clear that this is part of a broader campaign to raise awareness for the participating organizations and of course for Northwestern Mutual.

Given the simplicity of this application, it’s surprising that the company hasn’t spent more money investing in installations of the application. Additionally, there are no viral components built into this application so the chance of it expanding on its own is fairly unlikely. That’s unfortunate considering this application has a good cause.

It’s great to see another large company build a presence on Facebook. Honestly, it’s becoming a requirement for businesses. How each company executes their Facebook strategy appears to be different though. Northwestern Mutual has stuck to the application model and hopes for growth. Now to see if they can get some traction!