#NorthamptonClown Terrorizes UK Town (And Twitter)

Have you seen the Northampton Clown?

No? Then count yourself lucky, particularly if (a) you’re frightened of clowns, and/or (b) you’ve seen It, the highly-acclaimed – and utterly terrifying – 1990 TV adaptation of Stephen King’s popular book of the same name.

It, of course, featured Pennywise the Clown, who, as played by Tim Curry, is one of the most chilling characters in movie history. And now, it appears, he’s started to terrorize one unfortunate UK town.

Red haired and white faced, a Pennywise-esque clown has started making “appearances” throughout the UK borough of Northampton. Residents are, as you’d imagine, spooked, and you can understand why – imagine seeing this guy standing outside your window?

The conversation has quickly turned to Twitter, where folks have been speculating on the clown’s motives, and also documenting his rare, but increasingly spine-tingling, sightings.

Indeed, the clown has become so popular that a Facebook Page erected on Friday has already picked up more than 25,000 Likes, with the clown using Facebook to update fans, as well as fend off a few slightly sensationalised reports.

As for why he’s doing all of this, that still remains unclear. But, as we can see from the photos, he has balloons. So, I guess the only question that really matters, is…

Do they float?