North Korea Caught Photoshopping Kim Jong-il


Oh North Korea, you keep letting us down. We were ready to take you back and be your friend again after the rumors started circulating that you might start work up again on “the worst building in the history of mankind,” the Ryugyong Hotel, but then that was found out to be likely untrue. And now we learn that you’re releasing poorly Photoshoped photos of your leader, Kim Jong-il, who has been rumored to be very ill. Thanks to the work of the Times in the UK and the BBC, each of whom found discrepancies within an image recently released of Kim standing with troops, now we’re left still not knowing what’s what, raising more questions as to whether it’s really him, if he’s actually dying, or if maybe he’s just taking a long holiday excursion with some of his Frequently Disappearing Leaders Club members like Fidel Castro and Osama bin Laden. Or maybe it isn’t Photoshop and somehow Kim is just able to bend sunlight, thus creating different shadows from those surrounding him. Maybe that guy is just that good.