Norman Foster Hired to Build Apple’s New Headquarters?

Though it could all turn out to be fake, as has become par for the course with supposed image leaks of the company’s future products, the rumor mill is abuzz that Apple is planning to hire Norman Foster to build for them a new headquarters. The rumor came from an unlikely source, not from the various Silicon Valley insider blogs or the local northern California papers, but the Spanish newspaper El Economista, who claim to have sources who leaked information about the top secret plan. Calling it “The City of Apple,” the paper said the company’s plan is to build Foster’s new headquarters on the land it purchased from Hewlett-Packard late last month. Though, again, like anything Apple, a place known for being able to keep a secret, it’s usually always safest to not put too much stock in anything you hear unless it’s Steve Jobs doing the talking. Here’s a bit from a Google translation of the paper’s piece:

ElEconomista has been told by sources familiar with the situation, the future headquarters of the company Steve Jobs care especially environmental issues, to the point that the entire road transport transit through a network of tunnels that will clear the surface areas green. The buildings which will house the engineers and R & D will also be multifunctional and will incorporate cutting-edge technology in materials and equipment as well as renewable energy resources.