Nooly App Predicts Weather in Real Time Based on Exact GPS Location

We’re used to pretty good estimations of what the weather will be from the popular weather apps available on the market. Yahoo gives us forecasts with the predicted highs and lows of the day in our area. The Weather Channel gives us hour-by-hour predictions based on our zip code.

But Nooly Technologies has a new app called Nooly-Micro Weather that aims to take weather prediction to the next level, by predicting what time it will snow based on your exact physical location.

Check it out: “Nooly is the world first and only App that predicts the exact time rain will start and end (5 Minute Accuracy) for every neighborhood / park / road / district in the Continental US. The app covers more than 13 million different locations within a 1 square mile radius and can predict when light rain will become a thunderstorm, when snow will fall and when ice rain will end up at your doorstep.”