NookColor Reportedly Hits 3 Million Mark

Digitimes is reporting that Barnes & Noble has already received 3 million NookColors from Foxconn, its manufacturing partner. The NookColor is also supposed to have topped 1 million in sales  in 2010, and achieved 600 thousand units shipped a month during January and  February.

It’s been just over 4 months since the NookColor was launched, which makes these figures only that much more impressive. But are the numbers accurate? Only B&N knows for sure. If they are, then this could be part of the reason why Amazon has not yet released a tablet. Amazon’s Android tablet would need to have killer specs and a drop dead price if it wanted to beat the nookColor.

Also, if these numbers are right, then B&N stands to make a pretty penny when the NooKColor’s App Store launches next month. It already has a captive market numbering in the millions.