Nook Tablet, Nook Color Update Adds New Digital Comics

The Nook Color is in many ways an android tablet, but one fo the ways it falls short is with digital comics.  Many of the comics apps support features like directed viewing, and that’s a trick that the Nook Color only learned today.

Barnes & Noble announced today that a newly available update for the NT and NC will allow readers to view the comics panel by panel. This will probably sound familiar to users of ComiXology and affiliated apps on Android and IOS, where the guided view experience has done much to make digital comics readable on small screens. The NT and NC also got a new way to read PDFs; when you switch from portrait to landscape you’ll be able to see 2 pages at a time.

The new feature is being launched alongside 100 new titles from DC Entertainment. Nook Tablet owners are now going to be able to be able to read up on the adventures of Sandman, Superman, Batman, and other characters published by DC. The viewing mode will work on all DC titles, and it’s likely to be added to other titles as time goes on.

You’ll find these new digital graphic novels on both the Nook Tablet as well as the Nook for Android app. If you want to to install the software update immediately can do so with a manual download offered at