Nook New York City Update

This blogger walked into the Upper East Side Barnes & Noble in New York City yesterday evening. At that store, you take an escalator down from street level into an expansive subterranean store. The first big thing you see when you walk in is the Nook booth, a huge almost-wall-length table with demo Nooks, cases, and two staffers ready to answer questions.

Just to check up on yesterday’s announcement, this blogger asked if the store indeed had the Nook in stock. The staffers said that, yes, the Upper East Side store does have Nooks for sale, as does the Union Square Store. The rest of NYC’s B&N locations, said the guys behind the desk, should get it by next week, not the end of this week. Who knows if that’s the official word, or if that’s just what these two guys think, but that’s what they said.

For what it’s worth, the demo Nook was hard to navigate, and the screens–the touchscreen and the E-Ink–didn’t seem to communicate so well. But, one cool thing the Nook does have access to is eBook versions of B&Ns classics series–the retailer’s sleek editions of public domain books. A few were installed on the demo unit–a nice touch.