Nook HD Reviews From Around The Web

Barnes & Noble ships its new Nook HD tablets this week. The tablets feature 720p HD screen (at 1440×900). It is available in 8GB or 16GB versions for $199 and $229 respectively. It’s getting pretty good reviews. To help give you an idea of what the device is like before it lands in your mailbox and on store shelves, we’ve rounded up a bunch of reviews from around the web.

CNET calls it a “reading tablet for non-technies”. Check it out: “The Barnes & Noble Nook HD can’t match competing tablets in media library breadth, but as long as you’re not looking for bells and whistles, its sharp screen and comfortable body make it an ideal tablet choice for reading books and magazines.”

TechCrunch says, “it’s just about the best reader you can buy.” Check it out: “The Nook HD is Barnes & Noble’s latest entry in the great sub-$200 tablet race, and, barring a few hardware issues associated with this sort of underpowered hardware, I’m glad to report that the Nook HD is, in many ways, superior to the Kindle in this iteration, if only for a few key software and hardware features.”

Engadget writes: “The Nook HD has a great little screen, snappy performance and industrial design that stands out from the competition without proving quite as polarizing as its predecessor. Most of all, it’s built to be held, a fact that echoes the device’s focus on the reading experience. That core functionality spills over onto the software side, making visually interesting magazines, comics and kids’ books a pleasure to read. Priced (ad-free) at $199 for an 8GB model and $229 for 16GB, it’s a great little piece of hardware for those looking for a reader that can also handle casual gaming and high-def videos.”

The Verge says: “Barnes & Noble gets full marks for its ability to design a great product — I’m a fan of almost everything the company tried to do with the Nook HD. I only wish the execution were equal to the conception. From the slow UI to the poor gaming performance, this just isn’t a fun device to use. I like reading on the Nook HD, and I like watching movies — most of that is due to the display, which really is best-in-class.”
Time writes: “…with its featherweight form factor, sharp screen and pleasant user interface, the Nook HD — which is being joined by a 9″ big brother, the $269 Nook HD+ — keeps Barnes & Noble in the cheap-tablet game it helped create with its original Nook Color. Anyone who’s got $199 to spend on a tablet should give this Nook a look.”