Nook Demos in All Barnes & Noble Today, for Sale in-Store Early New Year

In an email exchange with eBookNewser, Mary Ellen Keating, Barnes & Noble’s senior vice president of corporate communications, clarified a few questions about the Nook situation. She confirmed that demo units are available in all stores today, but that Barnes & Noble is still unsure as to exactly when stores will have units available for purchase. “We have not determined a date yet when nook will be available in store … sometime in the early new year,” Keating told eBookNewser.

For those desperate for a Nook of their own who haven’t already ordered one, that’s not good news. Depending on which comes first, the January 15 delivery date Barnes & Noble announced for new Nook mail orders, or the “early new year” in-store date, it’s looking like about a month before the Nook comes home. Folks will have to content themselves with toying with the demo model and hanging out at Barnes & Noble for hours at a time.

Good thing they’ll have company. Keating also confirmed that the gentleman in today’s previous Nook post is indeed part of a team of what Keating calls “specially dedicated booksellers staffing nook counters.”