Nook Color Reviews Pop Up

The Nook Color ships today for customers that preordered the devices when they were first announced, and the reviews are starting to pop up.

Engadget got their hands on one and were pleased with the new eReader. The above video shows their demo. While the reviewer didn’t like the color screen in the sunlight, they did like the way that magazines and books looked inside, especially for the $249 price tag. The reviewer also didn’t like the lack of 3G or the video functionality, but did enjoy the reading and shopping experience overall.

Engadget has more: “The Nook Color is definitely a major step forward, boasting a completely revamped, Android-based OS, and a big push into the children’s book and periodical market (particularly full color magazines). Both of these spaces have yet to be mined successfully by players like Apple and Amazon — and it’s clear Barnes & Noble is aware of the stakes. Beyond book reading, the Nook Color potentially offers a tablet alternative that can (or will be able to) do much of what is possible on an iPad or Galaxy Tab.”

CrunchGear had mixed reviews. They didn’t like the fact that the eReader doesn’t have all of the functionality of a tablet. The blog has more: “It is an e-reader for people who want small size, a bright color screen, and an usable interface for buying, downloading, and reading books. It won’t run Angry Birds and it won’t let you do your taxes. This is not a back door into the world of tablets. However, because many of the features we discussed will soon be available on the iPad and other mobile devices, the $249 you’d spend for a NookColor may be better spent on a more capable Android or iOS device.”