Nook Color Boosted Barnes & Noble’s Sales & Revenues Into Positive Territory

Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and the “record” (CD) business have all been dramatically affected by the digital revolution that took places in the past few decades. Physical book stores have been hit especially hard by the combination of online book sales as well as ebooks. While Borders Books announced its shutdown earlier this year, CNET reports that Barnes & Noble reported an uptick in both sales and revenue. This is despite the fact that books sales at the physical stores were down during the reported quarter.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook revenue up 140 percent

The reason Barnes & Noble had positive numbers is because of its Nook ebook readers and ebook sales. Barnes & Noble reportedly has about 25% of the eReader market with the rest belonging to Amazon. While overall sales were up only 2%, Nook hardware and digital content sales were up 140%. Nook operations accounted for nearly 20% of Barnes & Nobles total sales for the quarter that ended on July 30.

The real test of Barnes & Nobles digital turnaround will come after Amazon releases a rumored color display Android tablet.