Nominees: Hottest Female On-Airs

The ten finalists for hottest female on-airs in Washington

The following are the top ten hottest media females working on-air in Washington, as chosen by reader nominations and our panel of judges.

Although the top vote getter in this category was NBC’s Norah O’Donnell (left), the category belonged to CNN–who scored four of the ten top spots.

The other nine are after the jump.

Editor’s Note: You’ll notice that both Dana Bash and Suzanne Malveaux made the list–they were jointly nominated in some cases for “hottest White House team,” but our judges’ decision was that they had enough separate nominations too to each warrant their own listing.

Thalia Assuras, CBS

Dana Bash, CNN

Suzanne Malveaux, CNN

Liz Marlantes, ABC News

Kimberly Osias, CNN

Angela McGlowan, Fox News Channel

Michele Norris, NPR

Abbi Tatton, CNN: “You haven’t lived until you’ve heard her say ‘blog.'”

Jessica Yellin, ABCNews