Nominate an Up-and-Coming Star!

REMINDER: Spend all weekend nominating either yourself or other “up and coming” journalism stars for our National Press Foundation Dinner giveaway.

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mblogo.jpgFishbowlDC is heading to the 2007 National Press Foundation Annual Awards Dinner on February 22, and we’d like your help…and to give you a chance to join us.

We’re looking for “up and coming” journalism stars in Washington, people who may only have a few years of journalism under their belts but who look to take the town by storm. Feel free to nominate yourself. News organizations, let us know who your rising stars are.

We’ll accept nominations and then let FishbowlDC readers vote. Three or four winners will accompany and FishbowlDC to the National Press Foundation Dinner, with a seat next to a high-profile guest (we’ll tell you who later).

Plus: We’ll be giving away three seats to lucky winners we’ll pick at random.

So, send in your nominations for an “up and coming journalism star.” If you want to enter to win a seat, include your name, affiliation, email address and phone number to enter the drawing for a seat at the dinner. Use the “tips” box below, or by clicking here. Don’t forget your name, affiliation, email address and phone number if you want to enter to win a seat.

Thanks and Good Luck!