Nokia Windows Phone Polls in Progress: #1 Wish Item? Unique UI for Nokia Windows Phone

Nokia’s Windows Phone devices are, at best, many months away and, perhaps, as far as a year or more from availability. However, this doesn’t mean Nokia is going into a quiet period between now and the release of their first Windows Phone devices. They are in the midst of what appears to be a series of potential customer polls. The first poll asked a general question of what people are looking forward to.

Poll results: looking forward – WP7 evolution

The item that received the largest proportion of votes was a unique UI (22.12%). I found this interesting because Windows Phone’s Metro UI is already unique among smartphone interface. Nokia’s fanbase, however, apparently wants something unique to Nokia. I hope this does not lead to the kind interface fragmentation we saw in Windows Mobile 6.x and Android OS 2.x.

The next biggest vote getter was Xbox games. I assume this means actual game play beyond the score keeping and messaging now available in Windows Phone 7.

The surprise vote getter (in my opinion) was higher screen resolution at number 6 (7.39%). Windows Phone 7 devices already have good resolution (though not iPhone 4 Retina Display resolution). The HTC HD7, for example, provides 480×800 pixels on a 4.3-inch display.

Nokia’s second Windows Phone poll is in progress now. It asks:

Poll: higher-res screens, let’s be clear