Nokia Windows Phone in 2013? That is Just Too Late

Soon after Nokia and Microsoft announced their Windows Phone partnersip, we began to hear rumblings of when the first result of their work together would be available. Initial speculation indicated the first product might be seen at the end of the calendar year.

Nokia Windows Phone 2011 Q4 Not Surprising But Does Make it Difficult for Microsoft to Compete

This was not welcome news as a someone who reguarly uses a Windows Phone and wants the platform to survive. It is not welcome news for Microsoft or Nokia either. Both companies need to get some mobile traction in the face of the tremendous success of Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. And, they need it right now. Unfortunately, it looks like the end of year speculation was far too optimistic. Look at what Kevin C. Tofel (GigaOm) and Mary-Jo Foley (ZDNet) are saying:

Nokia’s Lengthy Transition to Windows Phone Full of Risks (GigaOm)

Nokia: Transition to Windows Phone to take about two years (ZDNet)

The first generation of Windows Phone devices are actually quite good. Two models that stand out in my mind are the HTC HD7 and Samsung Focus. However, all the Windows Phone devices are lacking features that are common now in other smartphones:

1. Front facing camera
2. Tethering other devices (using USB, Bluetooth or WiFi)
3. Multitasking
4. App organization
5. Recently used app navigation
6. Improved camera and advanced camera features (stock & trade for Nokia)

Microsoft can address some of these issues on their own. But, they really need a breakout product to gain traction for Windows Phone. Motorola’s original Droid served that function for a then languishing Android platform (late 2009). Nokia could have played the role of Motorola for Windows Phone. But, a 2012 or even 2013 release is just too late.