Nokia Windows Phone Available: Late 2011? 2012? 2013? All Too Late

After reading reports that Nokia’s Windows Phone would not appear for another two years, I wrote this a few weeks ago:
Nokia Windows Phone in 2013? That is Just Too Late
Earlier Nokia CEO Stephen Elop had been quoted as saying that: Nokia’s probable release period [of a Nokia Windows Phone] is 2012 though he would prefer to see a 2011 release.
Reuters (UK) reported today that:
Elop says work begun on first Windows Nokia Phones
Today’s Reuters article returns to the nearer future release dates.
Nokia’s chairman has said Windows-based Nokia phones will be on sale from 2012, though Elop has said he aims to produce a Windows phone by the end of this year.
On the other hand, Reuters also reports that the deal between Nokia and Microsoft is still not finalized. So, when will we see a Nokia Windows Phone product? Late 2011? 2012? 2013?
All of these dates are still too late. Both Nokia and Microsoft need something to effectively compete with the iPhone (and the presumed upcoming iPhone 5) and Android phones. While the first (current) generation of Windows Phone devices are good, they are not great. They lack features that people now expect such as a front facing camera for video conferencing and mobile hotspot tethering. Windows Phone also lacks key apps such as Evernote, Dropbox and Google Voice.
If they want to stay in the game, Microsoft and Nokia need to produce a Windows Phone super-phone before the start of the back-to-school buying season or, at latest, before the 2011 holiday buying season.