Nokia Teams Up with Polar Mobile to Develop Symbian and Windows Mobile Apps

Nokia has teamed up with Polar Mobile Inc, a Canadian Mobile developer, to produce more than 300 media applications for Nokia smartphones within one year time frame. The Apps will be launch on Nokia’s Symbian smartphones, the upcoming N9 and Nokia’s Windows Mobiles for more than 300 top tier global media brands including Wired UK, Kompas, Advertising Age, Globe and Mail, Shanghai Daily and 7DAYS.

Richard White, General Manager, Nokia Canada said:

Nokia is excited about the opportunity to team up with Polar Mobile to bring hundreds of quality apps to consumers around the world. Polar Mobile’s ability to scale and attract a global set of brands is strategic in supporting Nokia’s efforts in offering compelling apps and experiences for our users.

This is the biggest deal in the history of Polar Mobile. Over the next two months, Polar will release approximately 50 apps for Nokia’s Symbian operating system for existing line of phone. Polar will also develop apps for the MeeGo platform.

Kunal Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Polar Mobile said:

Nokia is the largest handset manufacturer in the world. With smart phones, they’re hungry for a comeback. We are thrilled that Nokia has chosen Polar Mobile to provide top tier media apps for their devices. Nokia’s global consumer reach is important for many of our customers, especially in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Partnering with Nokia helps our media customers continue to grow their mobile audiences.

Nokia is very desperate to get a reasonable chunk of the smartphone market and so far it has shown little success. According to the research firm IDC, Nokia’s smartphone sales have dropped by 30% during the second quarter of this year. On the other hand the top two smartphone manufacturers by market share, Apple and Samsung, showed an increase of 141 and 380 percent respectively, during the same time.

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