Nokia Projects Flat Marketshare in 2010-Calm Before the Storm?

The rule is: If you are the leader, everyone is gunning for you. Such is the case for smartphone and cell phones in general leader Nokia. Apple (iPhone), RIM (BlackBerry), HTC (Android & Windows Mobile phones), and even a revived Motorola (Droid) have been eating away at Nokia’s market share. Nokia’s smartphone marketshare dipped from 42.3% in 3Q2008 to 39.3% in 3Q2009. As a result, according to…

Nokia Sees Flat Market Share as Apple Gains Ground (Update2)

Nokia recently announced they would start phasing out Symbian S60 from their flagship N series smartphone over the next few years. Their plan is the replace it with the Linux based Maemo platform that has powered their N800 series of Internet tablets as well as the new N900 smartphone.

But, I think Nokia needs to have a better total eco-system story to tell as well as get some U.S. carrier presence in order to turn things around.