Nokia Poll: What is the Most Important Feature in a Cameraphone?

Nokia Conversations has an interesting poll asking…

What is the most important feature in a cameraphone?

The choices are:

– High megapixel count
– Top quality optics
– Powerful flash
– Fast autofocus and capture
– Lots of storage
– Quality zoom
– Excellent aperture controls
– Brilliant photo effects
– Instant online sharing

The top two vote getters so far are:

– 46% top quality options
– 16% Fast autofocus and capture

Interestingly enough, the #3 vote getter is “Other” with 13% of the votes. That’s what I selected and submitted the need for a simple to use physical button to quickly take a photo. The Nokia N96, for example, has terrible buttons in general. They are flat with little tactile feedback. The camera shutter button is small, nearly impossible to press (requires a lot of pressure) with what seems like a long delay before a photo is actually taken after pressing the hard to press button.

Go over to Nokia’s blog item and register your vote!