Nokia Opens Up Ovi to Mobile Ads

In addition to their recent acquiring of mobile ad firm Enpocket, Nokia has now opened up their upcoming Ovi mobile media service to the mobile ad market, according to MediaPost.

Meanwhile, the article reports that the Enpocket deal is part of a broader strategic plan to transform Nokia from a hardware manufacturer into a mobile Internet services provider, with advertising at the cornerstone of its plan.

Here’s the key to all of this: “In recent months, Nokia has introduced a music download service, and has been providing an array of navigation and map services to mobile phone users. It also has the world’s largest mobile portal service. All of these services and future planned ones fall under the banner of Ovi, the Finnish word for ‘door,’ which also has the connotation of a portal, and suggests Nokia is going after other big online players like AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo, all of which have also been expanding their mobile advertising services portfolios.” (Nokia in based in Finland.)

Nokia Opens The ‘Ovi’ On Mobile Ad Market, Acquires Enpocket, Plans New Ad-Supported Services [MediaPost]